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MAJORIS is another name for SIRIUS. This star is one of the most impressive in the Milky Way (2,000 times the solar radius), whose luminosity is equivalent to 300,000 suns, making it the 2nd brightest star in the sky after our Sun!

MAJORIS is the main star in the constellation Canis Major. It has played a very important role in traditional civilizations (Arab tradition, Greek mythology, ancient Egypt, Chinese astronomy, Polynesia and even, in Dogon culture, in Mali). We probably owe this star the invention of the calendar. Indeed, in ancient Egypt, it symbolized the arrival of the annual flood of the Nile.

From the dawn of civilization to modern times, MAJORIS has been regarded as a source of knowledge and evolution of humanity.


MAJORIS, your lucky star !

MAJORIS is a law firm dedicated to business law and in particular, to the anticipation and resolution of disputes.

Each of the cases entrusted to us is the subject to a personalized treatment. Thus, there is no standard work unit. A working group is set up for each case, according to each person’s skills, in order to guarantee our clients top-of-the-range service with high added value, with a view to obtain the best results.

Operation in "project mode" consists, after a detailed analysis of the case, in having different professionals from different specialties collaborate, as may be needed. It brings together various skills, to promote new synergies and generate innovative solutions.

MAJORIS, which ensures the role of coordination and animation of the "project" team relies on a network of partners (specialized lawyers, foreign lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, consulting firms, financial analysts, legal experts and consultants whose expertise may be required), in order to guarantee its clients the best possible service.

This disruptive mode of operation makes MAJORIS a unique and innovative law firm model.

MAJORIS also deploys its creativity in new subjects that require boldness and inventiveness: renewable energies, blockchain law, digital assets (STO, ICO, ...) and decentralized finance (DeFi), ...

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